Tooltips in Rantt are very powerful and customisable. The main highlights are:

  • Pinnable tootlips, so more than one tooltip can be displayed at the same time making it easy to compare values from different operations Tooltip

  • Tooltips have a “grip header” which allows you to click on their header to move them around the screen
  • To hide a tooltip that has been “pinned” simply click on the pin icon in the top right corner
  • The position of fields on the tooltips can be changed
  • You can choose which fields to include or exclude

    Tooltip Settings

  • Fields can be grouped into categories Tooltip Categories

    • Create as many categories as you like by editing the “Category” column in the “Attribute Management” grid.


    By default all fields belong to the “Misc” category if nothing is specified in the category column.

  • Categories can be expanded or collapsed so you can concentrate on the information that is important to you Tooltip Collapsed

  • Tooltips can be enabled or disabled Tooltip Button