• Rantt is a Resource Gantt
    Display any time stamped data.
    Get deep insights into your data.
    Make better informed decisions faster.
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    Full of features
    Fast and easy navigation of large datasets.
    Highly configurable.
    Easy to setup and use.

What does Rantt do?

Who is Rantt for?

This includes but is not limited to

  • Managers
  • Schedulers
  • Planners
  • Consultants
  • Researchers

Disciplines that will find Rantt useful

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Simulation
  • Event based modelling
  • Optimisation

Why is there a need for Rantt?

The key thing with analysing time stamped data is being able to understand the time relationships between events (or tasks/operations).

Viewing time stamped data in a grid gives you a feel for the values. Rantt takes understanding time stamped data to a whole new level by showing you the temporal nature of the data.

To understand the power of visualising time stamped data, from the production schedule in the data grid below try to answer these questions:

  • How much of the time are the lines/resources idle?
  • Is idle time available for production at the end of the schedule or is it spread throughout the week where it’s hard to take advantage of?
  • Is the load balanced across several lines/resources?
  • How much of the time is lost due to setup?
  • Are similar products grouped together to minimise setups?
  • Are there any errors in the data like overlapping events on the same line/resource?
  • Does the schedule “look” right?
    • Are events planned at the right time?
    • Do events have the right duration?
    • Do events occur in the right sequence?

Rantt has been designed to

  • Be easy to use
  • Be fast (Navigate through large amounts of data quickly)
  • Connect to multiple data sources such as csv files, Excel spreadsheets or database tables
  • Navigate large datasets
  • Be highly configurable
  • Empower end users to quickly find the information that matters most to them

Rantt can automatically turn the grid above into the Gantt chart below.

Now you can see how with one quick glance the answers to all the questions asked above become clear. (Note: the black rectangles represent the setup duration for an operation.)

What systems does Rantt work with?

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  • Flexible data structure

    Operations can have as many fields as you want.

  • Data Grouping

    Any attribute can be displayed in the resource column.

  • Row Plots

    Display inline plots based on your data.

  • Highlight Tool

    Search and highlight operations you are interested in.

  • Data Rows

    Use data rows to see details of resource operations.

  • Navigation

    Zoom, scroll and pan through large data sets with ease.Many shortcut keys are available to facilitate navigating your data.



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