Toolbar Settings

Toolbar Settings

Here is a description of the buttons as seen in the toolbar from left to right:

Horizontal Lines

Display horizontal lines between the resources.

Vertical Lines

Display vertical lines between the time intervals as defined by the date-time axis.

Past Highlight

Highlight the past region.

This feature is useful to disinguish past operations from future ones.

Current DateTime Line

Show the current time, which is displayed as a vertical dash line. It will only be seen if the view window contains the current date time.

Time Format

If the operations data comes from a simulation model that uses “0” as the beginning of time you can select relative time and set a new date origin.

Data Rows

Data Rows

With data rows enabled you will see a new row for each resource which will give you some statistical information about the operations contained within a time interval.

The data row has a few options:

  • Hide operations: will hide all the operations and only the data rows will be shown
  • Align: The numbers can either be left or right aligned
  • Include Count: will display the number of operations contained within a time interval (or part thereof)
  • Include Duration: will display the total duration of all operations contained within a time interval (or part thereof)


Any attributes can be included in the data row cells if they contain numeric values

Data Row Workspace

Plot Rows

Plot Rows

The plot row has a few options:

  • Attrib: Select the attribute you want to see in the plot. The attribute must be a numeric type.
  • Type: The plot can either “step” or “line”
  • Interval: can either be by time scale (as set by the date time axis) or by operation duration.


If the Interval is equal to “time scale” the plots will use the same data values that are used in the data rows for the selected attribute.

Example of a line plot:

Line Plot


Enable of disbale tooltips.

Hide Empty Resource

When enabled Rantt will hide resources that have empty resources. (i.e. a resource that has no operations on it)