Sample Data


Rantt comes with some sample projects, which can be found in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Wild Gums\Rantt for Desktop\sampledata.

The sample projects are:

  • ActualPlanned
  • Elsinore
  • Finoflex
  • Globex
  • MultiDataset
  • SafetyStock
  • TransArcticRail
  • xlsElsinore: Same project as Elsinore but the data is in an Excel spreadsheet
  • xlsFinoflex: Same project as Finoflex but the data is in an Excel spreadsheet


  • Displays two datasets side by side (i.e there are two separate operation files)
  • Compare various scheduled
  • Compare schedule with actual shop floor perfromance

Actual Planned


  • Beverage demo
  • Operations and calendar periods
  • Multi line labels



  • Pharmaceutical demo
  • Uses extensive calendar periods
  • If a SetupStartTime or TearDownTime column are specified, Rantt will draw the setup and tear down periods as small black rectangles
  • Resources with multiple concurrent operations



  • Port demo
  • Display operations and their relationships


Multiple Datasets

  • Displays 3 datasets side by side (Rantt can display up to 10 datasets side by side)
  • Datasets can be hidden if required

Multi Dataset

Multi Dataset Options

Safety Stocks

  • Display safety stock levels
  • Display forecast inventory from ERP system
  • Rantt can be used as an exception reporting system

Safety Stocks

  • Hide operations and resources that are all green (To allow you to focus on what matters)

Safety Stocks Filtered


  • Rail newtork simulation demo
  • Relative start and end times
  • Large dataset with over 30 000 operations